Welcome to the USS Allexandra Timmis.

Commissioned on Stardate 240907.25 the Allexandra Timmis was placed into immediate action and became instrumental during the Battle of Sol before beginning her mission of exploration and peace keeping.
Now, under the command of Cpt. Shala Natai, her CO, and Cmdr John Pentac, her XO, she continues her ongoing search for new life; new civilizations; new hopes for the future.

The Allexandra Timmis is a Nova Simulation, role playing adventure based in the 24th century Star Trek Universe where each person tells their characters story through their posts. No dice are needed, there is no GM.

We encourage you to read our posts found below and hope you enjoy our adventures, and we further encourage you, if you have ever considered writing as a hobby or profession to join us and share in our love of the written medium.

If you would like to join us in our journeys please click on the "join" menu item too the right, contact us at cmd@timmis.ucip.org or come and Chat with us online.

Latest News Items

» sim guidlines..

Posted on 241708.02 @ 10:08pm by Commodore Shala Natai in General News

Cery sent me these today and we need to try and follow them. She doesnt expect us to toe the line, but to try and stay somewhere in proximity to them..


A SubSIM, in many ways is a command training tool, where the CO of the mother SIM is considered to be the mentor of the SubSIM CO. A SubSIM is at all times part of the main 'mother' SIM. As a result the CO of the mother SIM is responsible for the smooth running of the SubSIM.

* SubSims must pass a formal proposal through their Respective Chain of Command ie SubsimCO -> MotherSim CO -> Subfleet Cmdr -> Starfleet Command. Starfleet Command approves Subsims.

The following are restrictions/allowances for a SubSIM:

* The mother SIM has to be a fully approved UCIP SIM.

* CO of the SubSIM reports to the CO of the mother SIM in the Chain of Command.

* No more than 6 SIMmers may be assigned to the SubSIM (including the CO) at anyone time.

* Approved Starbase and Colony Sims may have no more than three (3) SubSim's assigned.

* Approved Starship Sims may only have one (1) SubSim assigned, for escort duties.

* Weekly SIM reports for the SubSIM are sent to the mother SIM, and incorporated into the mother SIMs SIM report to the Subfleet.

* Website is required

* R&D approval for the technical specs is required

* CO of SubSIM has to have completed the Command Course before taking command of the SubSim.

* The SubSIM is part of the mother SIM, so it will not have a separate database SIM account, the crew of the SubSIM is considered to be part of the mother SIM.

* Recruitment is done through the mother SIM, the SubSIM will not have its own listing on the join page.

* SubSims can have their own email list.

* Promotions of officers on the SubSIM are subject to UCIP/Starfleet policy and the approval of the mother SIM CO (and Chain of Command if Senior Promotion)

* If recruiting independently, the SubSIM CO has to make it clear that they are a SubSIM and which UCIP mother SIM they are part of. They should not be suggesting that they are a fully approved UCIP SIM.

Thanks for understanding..

» Heading Home

Posted on 241707.16 @ 7:29am by Commander John Pentac in General News

A warm hello again to my fellow crew members.

Its been a long time since we all had so much to look forward to. With the Timmis joining up with SB Versailles I believe we will have fertile ground for imaginations to go wild.

Thank you for believing in this Ship and its command crew. We are here to serve and guide you. Let the creative juices flow and enjoy every part of creating and reading.

Drop us a line if you need guidance. Tell your friends about us and lets make Star Trek live again within the realm of the world wide web.

You friend always

Cmdr John Pentac.


Posted on 241707.10 @ 1:34am by Commodore Shala Natai in Sim Announcement

OK Folks.. It looks Like we're dragging UCIP back up outta Hell and making it run again.. For the Timmis's part, We have possibly four or five of our crew returning, and at least one new crew member, so heres what i would like.. Since we're so small, I would like this to be a writers ensemble. Everyone is a Bridge officer, just like on the original Trek. You are all, so very special, and i dont want anyone to ever feel left out.. Working as an ensemble, we can write tighter, better stories and accomplish so much more than we ever could if we were stretched out all over gods half acre.. I would like to stick with the novelization formula where we write chapters, instead of just logs. It does mean more planning, and it does mean theres fewer surprises , but it means you play a larger part in the creation of the story and the plot, and assume a much larger place on the stage that is the USS Alexandra Timmis.. We can do this. It's not an opinion, or a belief. Its straight plain fact because we've done it together before.. You are, without question, the greatest crew I have ever in my twenty some years of writing, had the honor to write with.. Lets go to work shall we??

» Is this the end of the tunnel? I think I see a light??

Posted on 241606.25 @ 9:08am by Commodore Shala Natai in General News

Well, this is a change.. We're still alive..
The problem with my character is, I really am that old, and I have a long time lung disease. However, the VA finally started me on some meds that are at least relieving some of the more serious symptoms and allowing me to do just a smidgen more., So, we are alive.. We have a new crew member, and i will not abandon them. Though honestly i sometimes dont have the energy to lift my head, I refuse to give up..

That said, we will pursue the rebuilding of the crew and will continue exploring new forms of cooperative creation. If you are a current crew member, i would like to see a post from you by July 1st. Should there be no post, your characters will be purged so we can make room for new writers.. I am sorry, but i need to minimize the amount of non contributing writers and simplifying things for myself and RangerL as much as possible..

I'll Look forward to seeing you aboard..


» And still going strong

Posted on 241510.30 @ 12:41pm by Commander John Pentac in General News

My fellow crewmates and friends,

We have a functioning ship with a Captain, XO, CEO, CTAC/SEC, CSciO, COPS, ACEO and ACMO! With that said I would like to welcome our two newest crewmembers:. LtJg Skon (CTAC/SEC) and LtJg Reg Hawthorn (CEO). Guys, welcome to your new home. The Timmis family is proud to call you part of the family. Make yourself at home, write your heart out, but most of all Enjoy what you do.

As you have seen things have started to pick up. We have the Dogon storyline running with a nice twist, thanks to Jim, and we have the crazy EHM-story which I believe will have you all in stiches, starting out quite nicely. The crew that is heading for the away mission, heads up, the starter is coming your way soon. Lets make it fun, Trekkie and explore your inner creative self. .... You never know what might come up next. I will guide you through your writing ordeal but not force you into anything. This is a story written by all of us. I want your ideas and twists, thats what makes for good reading.

Keep it Trekkie, keep it fun. A twist of romance here and there, but no Mills and Boons please.

And as a true Nut-person.... Its not what you see on the outside that matters, but what you discover on the inside...

Go forth and write Me maties!!!!!

Your friend and XO

Cmdr John Pentac

Latest Mission Posts

» SD 241708.03 JDL Natai and Pentac: Some low time having dinner

Mission: Jabberwocky
Posted on 241708.05 @ 1:28pm by Commodore Shala Natai & Commander John Pentac

Mission: Jabberwocky
Location: USS Timmis
=/\ SD 241708.02 JL Cmdr Pentac and Comdr Natai /\=

John got the comm from Shala and had Ops beam him directly to the Bridge of the Timmis. He knew exactly where to find Shala.... always in the Ready room. He has been walking around…

» Kitchen blues

Mission: Jabberwocky
Posted on 241708.03 @ 1:31pm by Master Chief Petty Officer Casandra McGee

DL MCPO Casandra McGee (NCP p.b. Rangerl)
Mission :Jabberwocky
Location: USS Timmis, The Phish Tank
SD 241708.03


It's gone quiet here in the Phish Tank since the TImmis docked with SB 99. Casandra McGee was whiling away the time testing out some new recipes that she picked up from…

» SD 241708.01 DL Comdre Shala Natai

Mission: Jabberwocky
Posted on 241708.01 @ 11:16am by Commodore Shala Natai

::OOC: Before starting a theres a couple of things I'd like to point out.. The first is the mission title.. Please use this format for mission titles throughout our tenure as a subsim of SB99. As They do the sim reports, this helps them as not using the SD format…

» A Visit to Ya'Dalla

Mission: A New beginning, getting out there again
Posted on 241707.30 @ 4:18am by Commander Jane Watkins

SD 241707.27

=/\= Ya’dalla federation colony =/\

Jane stepped out of the transporter room on Ya’dalla colony’s main settlement site. What struck her at first glance was the sheer number of trees as well as the Hight. She drew a deep breath as the fresh air revitalized her being.


» Together once more

Mission: A New beginning, getting out there again
Posted on 241707.30 @ 4:17am by Commander Jane Watkins & Commander Peter Birt

=/\=Docking Bay=/\=

Pete stood at the docking bay entrance watching as the Timmis pulled into dock.

He admired the ship from a distance as he watched her glide into position and the umbilical's latched into place and the airlocks pressurized.

Nervously he waited dressed in a brand new crisp uniform…

Latest Personal Logs

» Settling in da Timmis

Posted on 241708.16 @ 6:42pm by Lieutenant Be'Lonna Da'Lor

Be'Lonna dropped her things to settle in her new quarters,she looked around to seit long for a while e where she can put her klingon items on the walls of
of her quarters, and unpacking her clothes for the cabinets, she knew she would have to have her hair up…

» The ISS Endeavor strikes.

Posted on 241708.02 @ 9:04am by Commander James Vance

“Sir two ships are approaching heading for the beta quadrant likely Versalles.They are supply ships. “The communications officer said.

“Helmsman, break orbit and head into the star lane behind the ships. Catch up to the ships and match their warp speed, come in from behind.” Captain Vanhorn said.

“Aye sir…

» Something to think about

Posted on 241707.20 @ 1:09pm by Commander John Pentac

=/\= Observation deck =/\=

Sipping on his Earl Grey tea, John Pentac took the time for some self examining. He is always there when duty calls, always there then needed by any of his crew. always committed to the ship called The Timmis. But never never committed to someone that…

» a possible ploit log

Posted on 241707.20 @ 12:11pm by Commander James Vance

Uss TIMMIS terrain Empire plot part 1

The ISS Endeavor glided through the newly stabilized worm hole into federation space in the delta quadrant. It headed at warp 9.5 toward the alpha quadrant. The star ship was under the command of Captain James Van horn. At the navigation station James…

» Looking ahead

Posted on 241707.16 @ 8:23am by Commander Jane Watkins

=/\= Science lab, USS Timmis =/\=

With only a skeleton crew aboard the Timmis Jane felt it her duty to cover some shifts within the Science crew schedule. Science has always been her true calling since she joined Starfleet which made her decision to return to the Timmis so much…