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Posted on 241708.02 @ 10:08pm by Commodore Shala Natai

Cery sent me these today and we need to try and follow them. She doesnt expect us to toe the line, but to try and stay somewhere in proximity to them..


A SubSIM, in many ways is a command training tool, where the CO of the mother SIM is considered to be the mentor of the SubSIM CO. A SubSIM is at all times part of the main 'mother' SIM. As a result the CO of the mother SIM is responsible for the smooth running of the SubSIM.

* SubSims must pass a formal proposal through their Respective Chain of Command ie SubsimCO -> MotherSim CO -> Subfleet Cmdr -> Starfleet Command. Starfleet Command approves Subsims.

The following are restrictions/allowances for a SubSIM:

* The mother SIM has to be a fully approved UCIP SIM.

* CO of the SubSIM reports to the CO of the mother SIM in the Chain of Command.

* No more than 6 SIMmers may be assigned to the SubSIM (including the CO) at anyone time.

* Approved Starbase and Colony Sims may have no more than three (3) SubSim's assigned.

* Approved Starship Sims may only have one (1) SubSim assigned, for escort duties.

* Weekly SIM reports for the SubSIM are sent to the mother SIM, and incorporated into the mother SIMs SIM report to the Subfleet.

* Website is required

* R&D approval for the technical specs is required

* CO of SubSIM has to have completed the Command Course before taking command of the SubSim.

* The SubSIM is part of the mother SIM, so it will not have a separate database SIM account, the crew of the SubSIM is considered to be part of the mother SIM.

* Recruitment is done through the mother SIM, the SubSIM will not have its own listing on the join page.

* SubSims can have their own email list.

* Promotions of officers on the SubSIM are subject to UCIP/Starfleet policy and the approval of the mother SIM CO (and Chain of Command if Senior Promotion)

* If recruiting independently, the SubSIM CO has to make it clear that they are a SubSIM and which UCIP mother SIM they are part of. They should not be suggesting that they are a fully approved UCIP SIM.

Thanks for understanding..



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