John Pentac

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Something to think about
on 241707.20 @ 1:09pm
=/\= Observation deck =/\= Sipping on his Earl Grey tea, John Pentac took the time for some self examining. He is always there when duty… View Log
The thought about time and space
on 241707.11 @ 1:26am
=/\= Space deck, USS TImmis =/\= Cmdr John Pentac stared out into space. Its been a long time stuck on Mars. The read planet has… View Log
Through good times and bad times
on 241410.15 @ 3:44pm
John sat on in the Command chair watching and waiting. He had a lot to think about. with the crew facing Sentient beings and the… View Log
Starry starry night...
on 241409.21 @ 1:30pm
John sat in the Captain's ready room staring at the stars. He always wondered why Natai could spend hours just watching them fly by as… View Log
Moments of thought and deep reflections
on 241409.03 @ 2:19am
Its not often that John finds the time just to sit down with a book from the 19th century and be able to read a… View Log
Moments as fleeting as a breath taken......
on 241407.11 @ 11:47am
The stars were flying by on the view screen. John sat in the command chair mesmerised by the beauty of it. His mind taking flight… View Log
Sleepless nights
on 241406.17 @ 8:28am
John's encounter with Shala left him shaken. Shaken in his belief of what he really knew of Shala Natai. He felt that somewhere along this… View Log
Logic in a multitude of madness
on 241406.13 @ 10:57am
-||Personal log||- John had a lot of time to himself being stuck in a hospital bed. Enough time to think about things that was said… View Log
When the madhatter goes nut hunting...
on 241406.11 @ 9:10am
Everything is messed up. Colours seemed to melt into one big blob of confusion. Noise... white noise... dark noise... no noise... irritating noise. It all… View Log
The thought process
on 241405.28 @ 3:56am
To John things should be simple and easy. Nothing must be made difficult. He didn't want to be forced into a position where he had… View Log
Pondering thoughts of nothingness...
on 241405.19 @ 12:01pm
It was one of the few moments that John could have his thoughts for himself. No thinking of duty schedules or bridge duty or even… View Log