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Status Current Mission
Description Getting settled in and comfortble at SB99 Versailles. Mission posts related to events surrounding our assignment there...
Mission Group Versailles Detachment.
Start Date 241708.01 @ 10:17am
End Date 241709.10 @ 10:17am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
SD 241708.03 JDL Natai and Pentac: Some low time having dinner
by Commodore Shala Natai & Commander John Pentac
During the 42 hours shore leave Captain's ready room
Kitchen blues
by Master Chief Petty Officer Casandra McGee
Current USS Timmis , The Phish Tank
SD 241708.01 DL Comdre Shala Natai
by Commodore Shala Natai
SD 241708.01 SB99 Outer hull

Mission Summary