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Together once more

Posted on 241707.30 @ 4:17am by Commander Jane Watkins & Commander Peter Birt

Mission: A New beginning, getting out there again
Location: Starbase Versailles docking bay
Timeline: Current

=/\=Docking Bay=/\=

Pete stood at the docking bay entrance watching as the Timmis pulled into dock.

He admired the ship from a distance as he watched her glide into position and the umbilical's latched into place and the airlocks pressurized.

Nervously he waited dressed in a brand new crisp uniform looking for Jane as the crew from the ship began to disembark.

After about 5 minutes he spotted her coming through the airlock and waved catching her attention, the biggest smile on his face as he started to work his way through the crowd towards her.

He opened his arms scooping her into the warmest embrace, his lips reaching for hers.


"This is taking too long.." Jane muttered as she waited for the docking procedures to be completed. All the bells and whistles took so much time and that wasn't helping the feeling of urgency that Jane was experiencing since the Timmis came into range on Starbase Versailles.

As the unblical's connected and the airlocks got pressurized Jane started having sweaty palms, so unlike her.

As the crew eventually started to file out Jane waited for the crowd to clear. Minutes went by and soon she stepped through the airlock. Starbases had their own kind of charm.

As she scanned the crowd Jane noticed some waving arms drawing her attention and it was like an electric shock to see Pete pushing through the crowd heading her way. Making the same attempt as Pete, Jane finally reached him and was scooped up by oh so familiar arms. It felt like coming home after a long hard journey. As their lips touched, something familiar made itself known.

Images, thoughts, feelings came rushing to Jane's mind. Pete with all his emotions and feelings were reconnecting with her.

Still Jane wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close. "My Pete..." she whispered. "I have missed you..."

He smiled holding her close "I missed to you hun" He lifted her chin and kissed her once more before stepped back slightly "Shall we" He offered her his arm

"Gladly Sir, lead on.." Jane replied with a huge smile and her face as she linked her arm around his.

As they walked Jane took the time to look around.

"A very nice station I would say. Do they have some kind of market hiding around?" Jane asked with interest. "....of course I am at your full mercy" she winked.

He smiled "There is a market somewhere on the promenade" He replied "or we could head back to my quarters and freshen up and get into something a little less formal"

Jane chuckled ." Ah ever the seducer You know i can't deny your request my dear." She leaned her head on his shoulder while they continued on their way.

This was what was missing from her life Jane pondered. How could she not love this man who have impacted her past and her present so profoundly.

He smiled and slowly they walked arm in arm to the turbolift "Officers quarters" He told the computer and the lift began its journey "How are you love?" He asked looking at her and smiling warmly

"I am good under the circumstances. I don't know if you can call having a hole in your heart as being good. It feels like I have lost something very precious to me... my link with you.." Jane looked up in his eyes searching for answers.

"Maybe I will find it.. again I hope. Will you help me find it My Pete?" Jane asked just before the lift stopped.

He grinned and stepped out into the hall leading the way to his temporary quarters.

He opened the doors to his quarters and stepped inside when the door closed he turned and pulled her close to him and kissed her passionately {{Of course i will my love}} he thought with his mind hoping she would hear him

He was there in her mind. His thoughts clear as if they never left.

{{I hear you... I found you.. Oh my Pete... never leave me again}} Jane gazed into his eyes. Time stood still.

Cmdr Peter Birt
USS TImmis

Cmdr Jane Watkins
Language Specialist
USS TImmis


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