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A Visit to Ya'Dalla

Posted on 241707.30 @ 4:18am by Commander Jane Watkins

Mission: A New beginning, getting out there again
Location: Federation colony, Ya'dalla
Timeline: Current

SD 241707.27

=/\= Ya’dalla federation colony =/\

Jane stepped out of the transporter room on Ya’dalla colony’s main settlement site. What struck her at first glance was the sheer number of trees as well as the Hight. She drew a deep breath as the fresh air revitalized her being.

Jane found her way towards the walkways and took a stroll while admiring the view. A gentle shake emanating from the walkway first went unnoticed by Jane as her mind was still trying to wrap itself around the scenery. A few minutes later another shake, a little harder this time, brought Jane from her intoxication with the view.

A frown appeared on her face. She did do her homework around the existence and function of the Federation colony here on Ya’dalla and she is quite sure there was no mention of tremors of any kind. According to the data available Ya’dalla was a stable planet.

In her subconscious Jane became aware of a gentle calling that was familiar yet she was unsure why she would experience it here of all places. Yes, there was a lot of trees here but as far as she knows there was no sentient trees around.

As the USS Endeavour was docked at Versailles, Jane took the liberty of scanning the data logs surrounding the Arboretum on the Endeavour and found that with a previous refit of the ship all plants were moved and relocated as a more advanced hydroponic system was installed and more space was needed thus making the Arboretum obsolete. The seedling of the Sentient Tree from the Dome was planted in the Arboretum but no record of its placement after the refit could be found. At first this made Jane sad yet there was a thankfulness that came with it as she felt a connection was severed that ruled her life for so long.

As another shaking of the walkway jolted Jane out of her pondering thoughts, she decided to make a little investigation of her own. Asking for directions towards the Science offices Jane’s thoughts was troubled by that gentle calling which became more urgent with every shake she felt.

A couple of minutes later and a few walkways down Jane entered a well-equipped Science station. She headed to the reception and announced herself to the young Ensign seated behind a desk, happily typing away on some reports.

“Excuse me Ensign, I am Cmdr Jane Watkins from the USS Timmis docked at SB Versailles. Is there a possibility to speak to your chief Science officer?” Jane spoke politely.

The young Ensign looked up from her workstation and her eyes grew a little wider. It was not often that one of the Star ship crew made a visit to their science station here on Ya’dalla.
“Yes Cmdr I will alert LtCmd Welsh of your arrival…. Your name again?” Ensign Jones asked with a slight blush. She was very preoccupied when the Commander announced herself.

“Cmdr Jane Watkins, Language specialist USS Timmis” Jane responded in a formal voice.

“Thank you, Cmdr. Watkins….” Ens Jones’ voice trailed off as the name sparked a little voice in her head. She turned to head to the Chief’s office when she stopped dead in her tracks and slowly turned around.

“The Jane Watkins?.... Jane Watkins that was on the Endeavour and got infected in the Sentient Dome-Jane Watkins?” Ens Jones asked curiously.

Jane stood in silence as she listened to the Ensign asking her questions and responded with a cool answer “Ensign, I wasn’t aware that my name was so important. “She pointed into the direction in which the Ensign was heading earlier before making the abrupt u-turn. “Your chief of science please” She lifted and eyebrow while speaking making her impatience with the Ensign’s unwelcome question known.

“Yes … Commander” Ens Jones felt awkward under the eyes of Cmdr Watkins and quickly hurried towards the chief’s office.

Jane watched the Ensign hurry off and shook her head. Sometimes the youth just don’t have any inhibitions when it comes to management of their emotions. It was a little bit of a shock to Jane that for some reason her name would cause such a stir in the young Ensign.

It was a slow morning for LtCmdr Aiden Welsh as he sat peacefully in his office. He was waiting for a reply on his report that he made to Delancy Tulane, the Head of the Federation Colony. The Ha’Shal fault line is becoming increasingly unstable and without feedback from Governor R’urraix’s office there isn’t much they are allowed to do.

Aiden sighed slightly. Living on Ya’Dalla was like paradise considering the climate and greenery surrounding the colony. It was a disguise for some other problems. He shook his head not wanting to think about the problems.

Ens Jones entered his office with a soft knock on the doorframe. He looked up and took a moment to enjoy the scence. People will call him a lady’s man but he just liked to look and not to touch.

“A Cmdr Jane Watkins is here to see you.” Ens Jones answered his enquiring look.

“Ah! A Commander is coming for a visit.” Aiden rose from behind his desk. ‘Please show her in.

“Yes sir.” Jones replied and went to fetch Jane who stood inspecting one of the plants planted in the ornate pot on the Ensign’s desk.

Jane noticed the Ensign’s approach and gave her the needed attention.

“Please follow me Ma’am” Ens Jones escorted Jane to LtCmd Welsh’s office. Cordially she showed her in.

“Cmdr Watkins, welcome.”Aiden greeted Jane and walked over to her with an extended hand.

“Thank you, LtCmdr Welsh” Jane replied and took a seat on the assigned.

Aiden made himself comfortable on the chair across from Jane. “How can I help you Commander?” Welsh asked politely.

Jane sat forward “I am curious about these little shakes that I have experienced since my arrival here on the Colony.” She jumped right into her questions.

Aiden lifted an eyebrow. “Not one for beating around the bush?” He took a deep breath. “I cannot say a lot about it, other than what I know.”

“And what may that be?” Jane asked.

“Just that there is a fault line acting up and it looks like no one wants to deal with it” Aiden replied and laid back into his chair. He places his hands together with only the fingertips touching opening and closing his fingers in a way to distract himself. This was a subject he didn’t really what to talk about.

“I see..” Jane replied not really making heads or tails out of his answer. “Would you mind me poking around?” She asked politely.

“Poke as much as you want. Just a word of caution…. Don’t poke too much. There might be a snake out there” Aiden gave a cryptic reply. This wasn’t sitting well with Jane.

She sighed softly in response to the funny reply. “Well, then I guess I won’t keep you any longer… but I have one more question.” She paused as her mind tried to formulate a question that might provoke the right answer. “I know the Endeavour has gone through a refit lately and I was wondering if any of the plants for the ship’s Arboretum was transplanted here on Ya’Dalla?” Her question was simple an straight forward.

Aiden thought on the question for a while. He wasn’t stationed here very long thus he had to rely on what he read in some old reports. “As far as I can remember there was a batch of plants that was planted in the Delta 3 sector, about 10 clicks to the north of your current location. But what type of plants that was, I have no idea.” Aiden spoke in a lazy tone sounding uninterested in the current subject line.

Picking up on his change in demeanor, Jane decided to cut her visit short. “I thank you for your time Mr Welsh. I won’t take up more of your time.” Jane rose from her chair and headed to the door. “Have a good day”

Before Aiden could reply, Jane hurried away. He frowned. “I truly hope that this one doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass” He said softly to himself.

=/\ To be continued../\=

Cmdr Jane Watkins
Language Specialist
USS Timmis

LtCmdr Aiden Welsh (NPC p.b RangerL)
Federation colony

Ensign Jones (NPCp.b. RangerL)
Federation colony


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