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SD 241708.01 DL Comdre Shala Natai

Posted on 241708.01 @ 11:16am by Commodore Shala Natai

Mission: Jabberwocky
Location: SB99 Outer hull
Timeline: SD 241708.01

::OOC: Before starting a theres a couple of things I'd like to point out.. The first is the mission title.. Please use this format for mission titles throughout our tenure as a subsim of SB99. As They do the sim reports, this helps them as not using the SD format creates a lot of work for Cery and Konuah, Please help them do their jobs by using this format. DL Is Duty Log, PL is Personal Log, JL is Joint Log . Secondly, Did you know Timmis has a Blog?? Its existed since 2015, and we may not have had to have been a subsim if all our logs were posted too it, but they werent, so here we are.. Cery has a request into Donald to look into it, and this log diubles as a test to see if adding the blogs addy to our mail list will post our logs there.. I'd like yto welcome Scarlet back in the role of Commander Adrianna Baciami MD, Our Chief Medical Officer.. I've certainly missed her, and I'm assuming we all have. Please give her lots to write about :).. Natai::

Shala leaned back against the transmission tower on top of Versailles, looking out ito space. In a way, it felt like home. In a way, it could never replace the sprawling five thousand acre ranch back in Arizona where she had grown up.. Yadalla hung off too her left It's magnificient emerald and gold sparkling like a jewel against the pitch blackness of the Romulan Neutral zone laying some distance beyond. Too her right lay the delta quadrant, Nerandra three and a mysterious ship Traveling at high speed under cloak that she had been ordered to forget about.. Perhaps the Admiral had not understood that ordering a Maori to forget something was tantamount to saying " memorize this; write it down and never let it out of your sight". Someplace below her lay the hulk of the Jarrod, Petes ship, or what was at one time a ship. Twisted and shattered, like her own Takagawa, destroyed by ramming fifteen years before. The likeness was uncanny.

A wrecked ship, a Mystery ship, ordered to silence; Natai shook her head and frowned. What was unfolding on this grand stage of life, before this backdrop of eternity? The players had hit their marks, and the curtain was ready to rise. Ready to rise that is, except for her.

Also below her lay the USS Allexandra Timmis; all 728 feet of it, and the five hundred some soul aboard her.. Descendedfrom a long line of warriors, and named after their greatest Chief, there was no way Natai was going to sit still like a chicken waiting to be made dinner. It was infuriating at its core, but it was what it was.

Shala tapped her comms unit " Ops, One to beam down."

As she materialized and appeared in the transporter room of the Timmis, shala unbuckled, unzipped and exited her suit.. Then she tapped her comms once more..

"Commander Pentac, would you care for dinner?? I'll buy."


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