SD 241708.03 JDL Natai and Pentac: Some low time having dinner

Posted on 241708.05 @ 1:28pm by Commodore Shala Natai & Commander John Pentac

Mission: Jabberwocky
Location: Captain's ready room
Timeline: During the 42 hours shore leave
Tags: 1QV2

Mission: Jabberwocky
Location: USS Timmis
=/\ SD 241708.02 JL Cmdr Pentac and Comdr Natai /\=

John got the comm from Shala and had Ops beam him directly to the Bridge of the Timmis. He knew exactly where to find Shala.... always in the Ready room. He has been walking around the Starbase's promenade and found interesting places and people that will need a second visit or two.

He realized that this will be the first time in quite a while that he will be able to talk to Shala on a friendly basis and not as his Captain. Since the slap-in -the-face saga John kept his distance, which was a good idea considering he wanted to keep his face the way it looked.

He could only chuckle at the thought of it all. Standing at the door to the ready room, John announced himself.

"Cmdr Pentac reporting for that promised dinner ... Captain" He playfully saluted and strolled over to one of the comfy chairs scattered around the ready room. John kept and eye on Shala, trying to read her thoughts.

Shala laughed at Johns antics as she let herself relax and leaned back in her chair, letting her hands fall to her knees.. "Thank you.. I needed that" she said tiredly but with a genuinely happy look on her face.. Reaching forward she picked up a stack of four padds and held them above the desk. " See these?? Theyre all from starfleet. One admiral wants to do this, one admiral wants to do that and another admiral wants to do something completely different.. Next thing you know thy'll have a department strictly for rectal examinations.. Thank gods we have Cerywyn."

"You can't be serious?" John replied with a shocked look on his face and then a grin slips in, "... about the rectal examination....ouch" He pulled a face in make-believe agony at just the thought of such a procedure .

Purposely dropping the padds and chuckling and rising from her seat, shala chuckled. " So what's your fancy for dinner??"

John smiled as he noted Shala's relaxed grin. "Oh well, there is one of those puddings for the Ya'Dalla colony made from some kind of tree moss or there is the usual Romulan ale marinated lizard steak... or you could do with some hefty Klingon style soup?" He raised a brown as he described the possible menu. "But the question is, what would the Lady like?" As he spoke he rose from his chair walking over to where Shala stood and held out an arm to escort her anywhere she'd fancy.

Shala smiled as she took Johns arm and cocked her head to look up into his face. "Well,I was thinking Filet Mignon smothered in a wine and mushroom sauce followed by some warm and creamy Creme Broulette with a side of vanilla ice cream. What ya think?? ""

"Give that mouth some chocolate!" John said enthusiastically .

"Shala busted out laughing, never letting go of Johns arm for fear she'd fall over.. "Sounds like a plan."

They took a couple of steps before John stopped and turned his head back towards Shala. "One question though... where are we going, now that the menu is sorted? Don't you think we should try one of the restaurants on the Promenade? " He asked.

"I thought you'd never ask.. Love the phish tank, but lets face it, we need a change. Theres a restaurant lounge called I THINK the Toothless Targh somewhere down there.. How does that sound to you?? "

"Sounds good to me." John replied and tapped his Comm. "Ops, two to beam to the Toothless Targh." John instructed.

a Moment of silence followed before a wobbly voice replied. "Erm Sir? to the where?" a young Ensign replied.

A soft chuckle erupted from John's throat. "Check the Starbase's deck layouts, Ensign, you might just see it." He encouraged the Ensign to think outside the box.

"Ah... there it is." The Ensign replied. John could have sworn he hear her jumping for joy.
"Two to beam out." The Ensign acknowledged. Both Shala and John shimmered and appeared right in front of the entrance to the Toothless Targh.

"There we go.... doesn't this remind you of a dragon called Toothless?" a playful comment was uttered by John as he observed the fore front of the restaurant.

Shala looked perplexed.. " Never heard of it. Chinese mythology??"

"Nope... apparently it was a character in a much loved animated movie call 'How to train your dragon' and the main character was called Toothless but he actually had a nice set of them... So into the layer of the dragon we go" John explained patiently.

shala laughed. " I never would have guessed. Shall we? I'm famished". she said nodding towards the door..

"As you wish." John replied with a smile and let Shala lead the way. As usual John folded his hands behind his back and followed at a respectable distance behind his Captain..

Walking through the door Shala approached the Maitre'D. " May we have a nice padded corner table please? My old bones just don't like wooden seats any more."

"Please follow me" The young looking woman dressed in clothes resembling that of a hand maiden from the 16th Chinese dynasty, ushered them across the room to a private nook with padded chairs. She placed the menu's on the place settings while nodding as John and Shala. "I will return in a short while to take your order" And with that she left to attend to the next arriving guests.\

John waited while Shala took her seat , waiting till she settled comfortably and then proceeded to seat himself across from her.

Its been quite a while since they could just talk about something or another and not about work. Both of them laughed and chatted away the time. Just enjoying each other's company.

Cmdre Shala Natai
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