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Kitchen blues

Posted on 241708.03 @ 1:31pm by Master Chief Petty Officer Casandra McGee

Mission: Jabberwocky
Location: USS Timmis , The Phish Tank
Timeline: Current

DL MCPO Casandra McGee (NCP p.b. Rangerl)
Mission :Jabberwocky
Location: USS Timmis, The Phish Tank
SD 241708.03


It's gone quiet here in the Phish Tank since the TImmis docked with SB 99. Casandra McGee was whiling away the time testing out some new recipes that she picked up from a little shop on the Promenade of SB 99. The owner was a real wangler and Casandra was now convinced that this book will prove to be worthless.

She already tried at least 5 recipes and none worked out any way near the pictures shown in the book. It was infuriating and this was not good for McGee's complexion. Deep frown lines have appeared above her brow and now more lines have made their home around her mouth.

"This is insane!" Casandra yelled as she took her latest disaster and threw is against the opposite wall. Oozing red liquid slit down the wall in sticky slowness. It wasn't long before the pie dish finally dislodged itself and fell with a clang on the floor .

"Oh great! There ya go McGee... now I have to clean up your mess!!" A shrill little voice echoed from the corner of the room. A kitchen bot unhooked itself from its storage space and zipped over to where the sticky red liquid started to form a puddle next to the discarded pie dish. It made strange sucking noises that was actually very similar to those of a so call vacuum cleaner that was used a very long time ago.

"Its your job you piece of metal junkyard wanna-be!" McGee scolded the little bot. She sun around heading for the replicator as she was in no mood to get a cuppa coffee the old fashioned way.

"Coffee, straight, tall and black" She ordered.

"Your request could not be processed" a Voice emanated from the replicator.

A fist came down hard next to the replicator. "Inferior Machine!" Another scolding came form McFee's lips.

"Alright smart ass..... Strong cup of black coffee... please" She added the last word out of mock. There was no need to say please and thank you to a machine.

"You are hurting my feelings....I don't get a please or a thank you..." The little kitchen bot uttered. It was in distress and his programming was trying to figure out why.

"Just shut up and clean the mess... that is what you were made for." McGee was definitely in a fowl mood.

Heading to the pantry Casandra grabbed the nearest bottle of opened wine and started to drink right out of the bottle. She just could not stomach the defeat by a simple recipe book.

"One day day I till take revenge! McGee sneered at the little book that lay on the counter, as if it will think up a witty reply.

"Urg... why?" Casandra started to sob, feeling like a failure. A sob or two escaped her lips as she slowly dropped to the floor in one pitiful heap of human flesh.

"One day..."She pointed a finger in the air but did not look up from where her head rested on her knees.

This just wasn't her day.

=/\ End Log /\=


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